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Anabolic steroids and bodybuilding go hand-in-hand. People who want to grow muscles or bulk up quickly are likely to resort to anabolic steroids. One such steroid is Dianabol steroid or D-bol steroid, which is known within bodybuilding circles for its muscle-building traits. In this article, we’ll learn what Dianabol steroids or Dianabol tablets are? What does a Dbol steroid, or Dbol tablets or Dbol pills help you achieve? What are the side effects of D-bol tablets or D-bol pills? Where to buy Metandienone? Is it possible to buy Dianabol online? And everything else there is to Dbol steroids.

What is Dianabol For Sale?

Dianabol, also called D-bol or Dbol, is a steroid alternative that surfaced during the 1950s. D-bol steroids are the second most popular anabolic steroids to be ever made, after testosterone. It was introduced to the American market by John Ziegler and was released by a company called Ciba Specialty Chemicals in 1958. The steroid has been in popular use ever since among bodybuilders, helping them acquire muscles and strength sans relinquishing the body’s efficiency. Within bodybuilding circles, the steroid is often referred to as just ‘D-bol.’

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has labeled the drug a controlled substance. This means the steroid is legal but you cannot buy Dbol or it’s illegal to buy Dbol online or offline sans a medical prescription. However, in quite a few countries, you can find Dianabol pills or Dbol for sale without a valid prescription.

D bol History

Called methandrostenolone in the medical world, Dianabol was originally made by German chemists. In fact, the steroid was used back then in the form of a tonic. However, it was later taken off the consumer market due to its masculine effects. Dianabol pills became a part of sports and sporting events during the 1950s when Russians started giving the steroid to their professional athletes.

It became popular among gym-goers in America during the ’70s, with most gyms selling the steroid over-the-counter (OTC). Dianabol is quite popular among bodybuilders, weightlifters, and similar athletes because the drug helps them acquire muscle mass quickly.

Many people in the States believe it was John Ziegler who made the steroid. But that’s not the truth. Mr. Ziegler was able to access Ciba Laboratories in New Jersey (NJ) where he tested the drug on weightlifters for his research. Moreover, the Dianabol used for testing purposes in NJ did not have any steroid as that privilege back then was reserved only for the Switzerland-based Ciba headquarters.

In late 1954, Mr. Ziegler visited Vienna, accompanied by the U.S. weightlifting squad, and bumped into a renowned Russian physicist. The two had drinks together, and during their alcohol-influenced conversations, the scientist revealed Russian athletes were on testosterone.

After his return to America, Ziegler tested out some traces of testosterone on himself, and also some professional athletes. The test results came out impressive, with the professional athletes experiencing noticeable increases in body strength and size. However, the enhancements also brought along some major side effects. John Ziegler was not happy with this and therefore teamed up with Ciba to develop the steroid’s synthetic version. In the end, Ziegler came up with an anabolic steroid called methandrostenolone, which toned down the side effects to a great extent.

How Dianabol Works?

Chemically speaking, Dianabol is a structurally altered form of androgen testosterone. In other words, Metandienone for sale doesn’t have any androgenic traits. The steroid works by firmly attaching itself to androgen receptors. The receptor could be called a nuclear receptor that activates as soon as it’s bound by either dihydrotestosterone or testosterone.

Once the androgen receptor and Dianabol bind to each other, there is a substantial increase in nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and also glycogenolysis. This results in huge strength and muscle increases over a brief period.

Protein synthesis is the rate at which cells make proteins, which are the basic muscle-building blocks. Nitrogen retention is beneficial as it helps the body stay anabolic. If the body has low nitrogen, it could enter a catabolic state, which is a muscle-wasting condition. Glycogenolysis, on the other hand, denotes the association between glycogen and glucose. Whenever there’s enhanced glycogenolysis, the body becomes much more potent at consuming carbohydrates.

Methandienone Dosage

Dianabol dosages or stacking should be well-planned and as per individual requirements. Dianabol can be quite effective by itself. However, if you stack it or take it in association with other steroids, the effects would multiply. In case you are planning to merge Dianabol with another steroid alternative, start with a testosterone base. Even if you’ve started with just Dianabol, you may add a few other steroids to the mix midway. However, stacking is not recommended if you have never been on Dianabol before. If it’s your first time, it’s recommended to stick to just Dbol steroids for at least six weeks. Later, you may stack Dianabol with testosterone enanthate and Deca Durabolin steroids. Other steroids such as Sustanon, Anadrol, and Trenbolone can also be used for stacking.

Unlike a few legal steroids that are only injectable, Dianabol can be administered intravenously or orally. Though injections bring results quicker, oral consumption is recommended if you’re a beginner steroid user. Also, injecting steroids is not everyone’s cup of tea as the practice could pose dire consequences if not done right. In the beginning stages, your dosage should be limited to 25-30 mg per day. For women, the initial dosage should be even lower. After your body gets used to the steroid, you may increase the dosage levels and also add additives to further improve the effects. An experienced user can take more than 70 or 80 mg daily.

A single Dianabol dosage doesn’t last too long (only a few hours). It’s therefore recommended to split the dose and administer the steroid twice or a few more times a day. Splitting the dosage would also mean the liver won’t have to work overtime. To help minimize and mitigate upset stomachs, Dianabol must be administered after a meal. If you are contemplating using Dianabol daily to gain muscles quickly, being on the correct dosage cycle is imperative. There’s no standard dosage. The actual dosage would vary across individuals – based on their gender, size, exercise, and other health attributes. For most people, taking the complete dose before a workout session is ideal.

Remember, at a certain dosage level, the muscle and strength gains would plateau, and the side effects would get more intense. However, this should not be a problem for beginners as most of them would be focusing more on losing fat rather than building muscles.

Metandienone Cycles

Dianabol works in cycles, with each cycle lasting a few weeks. Beginners should use the steroid for a cycle that spans six weeks. After the cycle, a two to three-week interval is recommended so that the body has time to recover from the steroid’s effects. However, this period is not a complete rest phase. You should still be working out on a daily basis. You would likely see results after the rest phase. However, if you do not achieve your desired results, you may up the dosage a bit in the next cycle. As aforementioned, the dosage should be minimum during the first cycle as the body needs to get used to the steroid.

For bodybuilders, the cycle would be shorter, lasting three to four weeks. This is because bodybuilders invariably take a much higher dosage compared to what amateurs consume. The initial Dianabol cycle must be orally consumed and merged with another quick-acting steroid such as testosterone. In case the higher dosage does not do its magic, there’s always injectable Dianabol to fall back on. However, injectable Dianabol is not that easy to procure like oral steroids since they require a prescription.

Dianabol is a base steroid. This means a steroid cycle need not always be designed around it. However, when stacked, Dianabol fits in perfectly well and has exhibited excellent synergy with similar steroids such as equipoise, Masteron, and trenbolone.

Methandrostenolone Side Effects

Dianabol has quite a few side effects, and the impacts could be different for both women and men. The commonly documented effects are male pattern baldness, acne, bloating, weight fluctuations, increased body hair, irregular menstrual cycles, mood changes and aggressive behavior, increased appetite, heart palpitations, gynecomastia, and liver damage. These effects could be countered with other drugs; however, those medicines could present side effects and risks of their own.

There are ways to counter Dianabol negatives. One way is using estrogen blockers and similar medications. As Dianabol converts itself into a pseudo-estrogen within the human body, it could cause several long-term problems for both males and females. In fact, infertility is a fairly common side effect, along with impotence and decreased sex drive. Other medications used to counter these effects, such as estrogen blockers, also pose side effects, which could make using all the drugs and supplements riskier.

Liver damage is a major Dianabol side effect, in addition to potential heart issues. Dianabol is extremely liver-toxic, particularly in people who take big dosages or consume the drug for an elongated period. This is why Dianabol consumption among bodybuilders and other people is restricted to a few weeks.

Almost all bodybuilding competitions and organizations have banned Dianabol usage for enhancing muscle mass. Also, this is true for the majority of professional sports organizations. Thanks to the strain the heart undergoes due to this steroid, athletes could find themselves in danger if they take the steroid in large doses or without medical supervision. If Dianabol is recommended by a doctor, the usage must be restricted and limited to only medical purposes.

Supplements Complementing Dbol

Besides steroids, there are certain health supplements that blend well with Dianabol. These are alpha-lipoic acid, milk thistle, and Liv-52. 17-aa steroids are also often consumed as they protect the liver. Protecting the liver when on steroids is important as it’s the organ that’s put to maximum work whenever steroids are ingested into the body. There are several other online and OTC products that can be purchased to help protect the liver whenever a steroid cycle is active.

Buying Dianabol

You could find D bol for sale or Dianabol for sale at a local pharmacy. The steroid could also be bought from a general physician with a prescription. Dianabol sales are controlled and constantly monitored by the American, UK, Australian and Canadian governments. It’s a controlled drug in several other countries as well.

You may also buy D bol online. Most of them do not require a prescription, provided you are using the drug for research purposes. Just to be on the safer side, double-check your position if buying Dianabol online because you could be breaching local laws with your actions.

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